Consciously Create A Reality You’re Proud Of

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When it comes to making things happen in life, consciously creating a reality you’re proud of is doing what’s necessary to set it in motion.

Have you ever wondered why things happen to you? These things might be less desirable, or things you didn’t necessarily want.

Well… Everything happens as a result of something else… Thought… Actions… Lack of actions…

And it can build up until one day it magically becomes your reality.

This can be AWESOME when it’s something like getting that car you’ve always wanted… Or you land a sweet idea to start a business online that could allow you to BE where you want, when you want…

Whether you are consciously DOING something that precipitates a result -OR- you’re just sitting back letting life happen to you, the Law of Attraction is constantly at work, creating your reality.

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3 Simple Steps To Create Your Reality

Having some sort of control over creating your reality so that it is more predictable is quite exhilarating, especially once you have awareness of the principle of Cause and Effect.

The effect can be the end result of something that you put your mind to. What’s strange, though, is that it can also be the result of something that we have NOT put our mind to.

So, how do you create your reality in a way that it is more predictable to get the result YOU are wanting?

Let’s look at 3 simple steps to create your reality so you can get more of what you want, sooner.

1. Start Your Day, Your Way, Your Decision

Have you ever woken up and it was “just one of those days…”? Nothing seemed to be going right…

Maybe it was a “Monday…”

Every moment of every day we get to decide how we want to feel in our minds. By placing our awareness on things we like and dislike, we’re inviting those things into our existence.

It was November 2015 when I started to focus on what I wanted LIFE to BE like… I didn’t know Erin yet & was going through a divorce.

The idea that I wanted to start consciously creating my reality started to become crystal clear, probably because I was learning personal development.

I knew that I was tired of seeing tragedies as a firefighter.

The thought of working another 12+ years, sleep-deprived, and knowingly staying in a position that was sure to keep that as my reality made me feel depressed.

So, I started searching for the answer to learn how to create my own reality.

It was a CHOICE to become a firefighter.

That choice led me to the situations I was in.

My decisions were either going to keep me there or allow me to learn something new so that I could create a reality that was more suited to harmony within myself.

That’s when the light bulb lit up above me as bright as a sunny day on the beach!

“If only I could learn how to build a business online, then I would be able to continue helping others in a more powerful way…” I thought.

And then it happened! I started making decisions to move towards that direction.

Instead of sleeping my life away, or drinking myself into intoxication on my days off, I began investing in eCourses & being part of communities where I could be around other people who were also building businesses online.

I started making goals that I could actually achieve!

BEAP Goal Setting Guide For Couples

2. Paint Yourself Where You Want To BE

This journey included painting myself in where I wanted to be.

I no longer wanted to be up to my elbows in bloody medical calls & tragic house fires.

Knowing that I could control that became an interesting game…

Here’s why… After stumbling across a community where people created websites, produce content about niche specific topics, and were earning 5, 6, 7 and even 8 figures a year, made me think, “Hmmm… These seem like normal people. Why the heck couldn’t I do the same?”

What would it be like to spend your days on the beach, hit up a café with internet connection, jump on a flight from one country to another, and meet the love of your life in the process who wants to BE an Adventure Partner with you?

This clarity of purpose where I could paint myself in those situations, and actually FEEL, with my eyes closed, what THAT would BE like began to make the goosebumps on my arms stand up.

As I thought deeper into what life could BE like, the hair on the back of my neck would rise as if the atmosphere was charged by lightning.

Close your eyes for a moment, and FEEL what creating YOUR reality would BE like… Then open your eyes and keep reading!

Create Your Reality - Brian and Erin - Mazunte, Mexico

3. Do or Do Not

Now, I’m not the biggest Star Wars fan… BUT Yoda is quite the practical advice giver. His “teachings” focus on the fact that your life unfolds because of decisions you make and what you decide to DO (or not do) in each moment.

Yoda’s all too famous quote (which I love so much because it really allows you to create your reality) is when he says:

“Always with you what cannot be done. Hear you nothing that I say?…You must unlearn what you have learned….Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try.”
– The Empire Strikes Back

This is when taking responsibility for your actions (or inactions) may hurt a bit.


We can WISH that life would be exactly how we want it… But if we allow doubt to consume our thoughts, the ACTION we must take to create our realities may be halted, resulting in inaction.

Before starting my first business online, I had never been a “micro influencer” or even knew what that word meant (a micro influencer is simply a person or brand that has credibility in niche specific content with a relatively small following).

After having built my first brand, Erin + I joined forces and focused on just building BE Adventure Partners – Learn more on how it all came about.

The idea that we have the CHOICE to DO or DO NOT gave us the power to stop wishing and do the things necessary to build our business online.

We both wanted to BE where we want, when we want, together… Building our business online just so happened to be the vehicle to get us there.

Because we were very intentional about what we did to create our business, you could say that we essentially created our reality.

If you want it… DO IT… Don’t just try because you’ll be wasting your time! It takes too much effort to make things happen the way they need to be done to make them come to life, and we would hate for you to waste your time.

Create Your Reality - Brian and Erin - Mazunte Mexico

Creating Your Reality One Goal At A Time

This goes with setting goals for yourself. If you want to create a reality that allows you to travel more, spend more time with your love, or even BE where you want, when you want, then YOU have got to set goals!

Not just any goals though!

Goals you can actually achieve!

Here’s an example of an unachievable goal: “I want to make $1 million dollars”

Why is it unachievable? Because there’s more to that goal…

You’ve gotta outline WHAT you’ll do to make that happen.

  1. Where’s that money coming from?
  2. What time frame are you going to put on that goal?
  3. Who’s going to benefit from your goal?
  4. What difference are you going to make?
  5. What are you going to do every day to make that happen?

There’s more you could outline… But that should take you from wishing to taking action and creating your reality day by day.

In Conclusion

It is possible to create your reality when you take the bull by the horns, learn a few skills that could get you there and stop making excuses on why you’re where you are. Taking responsibility gives you ultimate power to DO what’s necessary to create your reality.

If you need some help with accountability & want to be surrounded by a community who cares, we invite you to BE part of the BEAP Tribe! In the Tribe you’ll get the eCourses & support you need to turn your goals into actionable, DOABLE business building tasks that could allow you & your love to BE where you want, when you want, together!

Brian GarciaUntil Next Time!
Adventure On… Adventure On!

– Brian Garcia

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