How To Actually Reach Your Goals Quick

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You know how some goals seem to be unattainable because they take AGES to achieve? Today, we’re going to show you how to actually reach your goals quick, so you can feel the satisfaction of achieving your goals, sooner!

Here’s what we do to reach our goals faster. These steps may seem surprisingly simple. However, there’s a twist that, when implemented, will cause your long-term goals to be achieved faster.

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Identify Your Goal

Start out by identifying WHAT your goals are… Here are some examples of potential goals:

  • You want to travel full-time
  • You want to start a business online
  • You want to spend more time with your partner
  • You want to earn $100k+/year
  • You want to spend more time volunteering

Now… The goals we listed here may not be your exact goal, but you’ll see how we start out with identifying a goal and moving towards being able to achieve it.

This step is really easy because you just write out a list of what you want to achieve. Afterward, you’ll see what to do with this list!

One thing to take into consideration with identifying your goal is this… ONLY think about your goal & what it would feel like to have that in your reality.

Do NOT think about the negative side of your goal.

The reason being is that what you focus on is your reality.

When you focus on lack… You experience an abundance of lack…

When you focus on prosperity… You are prosperous.

The Universe cannot differentiate between the energy you put towards thought. An example of this is when we REALLY do not want bad things to happen in our lives, it seems like around every corner bad stuff is happening.

If you stopped reading here & practiced being focused on what you want and giving ZERO thought to that of which you do not want, you could achieve your goals quick!

Action Step

Write out a list of EVERYTHING you want to achieve. Don’t hold back! Put everything on the list that comes to mind!

How To Actually Reach Your Goals Quick - Brian and Erin in Costa Rica

Why Do You Want These Goals?

Now that you have a list of your goals, most people (including myself) normally jump to trying to figure out how to actually reach those goals.

What we’ve found is that when you dig deeper to figure out WHY do you want these goals, then you’ll probably have more drive to achieve them.

Here’s why…

If you say to yourself, “Self… I want $100k dollars per year…”


What would $100k/year DO for you?

Last time I checked, a stack of cash sitting on the counter isn’t that exciting… Money are little sheets of paper (or plastic in Canada).

However, when you think about what that currency could DO for you, then the adrenaline & excitement starts to get your blood pumping!

Could you go on more trips? Experience fun adventures? Spend more time with your Adventure Partner? Or even volunteer your time towards a cause you care about (like picking up trash off beaches around the globe?)

Now… Let’s go one step deeper WHY do you want that $100k/year… What could it do for you?

In the case of going on more trips, maybe you want to experience more cultures & could help them out in some way…

When it comes to volunteering your time towards something like cleaning up trash from beaches, maybe you want to help make the world a cleaner place for everyone to enjoy!

Whatever your reason is, think about it just one step deeper and you’ll discover a driving force that will help keep you motivated to achieve your goal.

Action Step

On the list you just made from the last action step, write out a deeper meaning for WHY you want to achieve that list of goals.

How To Actually Reach Your Goals Quick - Brian and Erin - Ometepe Island Nicaragua

Tracking Your Goals

Think about each of your goals as a target. When you achieve each goal, you’re hitting your target on the bull’s eye!

How do you hit more bull’s eyes?

This is the part of achieving the goals that either propels you into accomplishing your goals OR scratching your head wondering, “Why can’t I achieve my goals?”

First, stop wondering why you can’t achieve your goals. Remember from just a moment ago when we were talking about what you focus on becomes your reality?

Back before I had a business online, I was wanting to be able to travel more, and not worry about clocking in at a job any longer.

That all happened because of focus.

By focusing on what I wanted made that happen quicker than I had ever anticipated!

Here’s what I did (and what you should do too!)


Start Tracking Goals

I started tracking my goals.

When you track your goals, you now have something you can view that will show progress towards achieving.

Here’s an example of one of my goals, which may be a goal of yours, too.

One of my BIG goals was to be able to travel more. Consequently, traveling became an everyday occurrence once I started focusing on THAT being my reality.

You know how when you want something REALLY bad, all of a sudden, you see it everywhere… Like that new car you want… You see that EXACT car every time you go out. Right now, you are manifesting it into your reality!

Well… THAT happened with me wanting to travel!

I wanted to travel with someone who would love me for who I am and would be on the same page when it came to HOW we were going to travel (or even if you should start an online business with your spouse…)

That’s when I met Erin! She was on the same journey (just 1,555 miles away! You can read more about how it all began HERE)

To travel full-time, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to have a traditional job (or be a firefighter like I was at the time).

All of a sudden, I started seeing social media posts about people traveling the globe with their partners.

There were people who were popping up in the social news feed talking about how they started a business online that, after a bit of time setting it up, allowed them to travel full-time!

These posts were everywhere!

So, what did I do?

I looked to see what they were doing that I wasn’t. I made a list of everything and started to work towards it.

After looking, I can’t seem to find if I still have that original list… But I can remember the things that were on that list.

It was sooo simple to think about! I just didn’t have a Road Map, so it took longer than I had planned!

BE Adventure Partners Road Map

But that was OK! I had a plan in my mind that I wasn’t going to quit. I was going to keep on going because I knew that what I had in my mind was going to benefit not only me but hundreds of thousands of others around the globe!

During this whole phase of discovery, I was tracking the progress I was making, which was eliminating the question of how I was going to reach my goals. It was just a matter of tracking!

Tracking consisted of what I now call “Collecting Check Marks or Smiley Faces”

To collect check marks, I would draw a square next to each goal item.

On one of our Campfire Q+A video calls that our Tribe attends LIVE, I came up with collecting “Smiley Faces.” Instead of drawing a square next to each goal, you would draw a CIRCLE next to each goal. As you achieve that goal, you draw two eye dots & an upward turned mouth to be a smiley face like this:

Smiley Face

The more checkmarks (or smiley faces) I collect, the more that I KNEW I was getting closer to that goal!

Checkmarks symbolize forward progress

And mapping out my goals was a means to tracking my goals.

After having met Erin, we joined forces because it’s more fun to do it together!

Within 10 months, both Erin and I quit our jobs & started traveling the world full-time together!

We had created BE Adventure Partners, grew our audience, we’re making sales of affiliate products & services, and were working towards refining our brand message to BE more powerful.

What goals are you wanting to achieve? Please let us know in the comments! We would love to help reverse engineer what it is you want to achieve so you can decide what you should do to make it your reality.

Action Step

Make your list of goals actionable by figuring out what you need to do to bring each goal into your life. You’ll end up with a list under each goal that you can collect check marks on (or smiley faces… Your choice!) Once you have collected your checkmarks, you’ll have achieved that goal!

In Conclusion

This is a simple formula on how to actually reach your goals quick. By being focused and on purpose with what it is you want, why you want it and tracking your progress, you’re now armed with the tools to start Getting Your Goals On! In our eCourse, we go deeper into achieving your goals so that you can start hitting any goal you have in your life, relationship, and business online. This way you can BE where you want, when you want, together, with your business online!

Brian GarciaUntil Next Time!
Adventure On… Adventure On!

– Brian Garcia

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