Share Your Emotions – Communication Will Set You Free

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If you are in business with your partner, or considering it… This post is for you! We are going to help you share your emotions effectively with your partner, and learn how to communicate with each other in a way that will fuel your fire, so you can create the life you truly want together!

By the end of this article you will be armed with some awesome tools that we use to not only keep our romantic relationship spicy as we work together… But some tools you can use to really understand each other so you can work together cohesively without ripping each other’s heads off.

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Learning how to share your emotions with your partner will help your business skyrocket, and help you hit goals faster.

It’s true! When you share your emotions with your partner your business will grow faster. This kind of alignment makes lovers in business unstoppable when it comes to reaching their goals, and understanding each other wants & needs.

As solo-preneurs Brian + I knew what we wanted. We both had big visions and were each running towards a powerful mission to help people. When we started conversing we began to realize we were already on the same page with how we wanted our businesses to impact the world. This soon led us to collaborate. (Check out Our Story here.)

It wasn’t perfect from the start, and we still have different ways of contributing to our business. BUT because we share our emotions on the regular, our communication started to flourish, and we noticed things moving forward faster in our business. We started understanding each other on a deeper level which allowed us to work together more efficiently. When one of us isn’t certain about something we are working on, the other can always sense it. This gives us the opportunity to talk it out.

If you are going in a direction that one of you isn’t excited about you have two options.

  1. Take the bull by the horns and run with it alone, which is a great way to divide & conquer. (AND get shit done)
  2. BE flexible, and course-correct together (Which is usually more fun.)

Know how you want to contribute and communicate that.

When you know your strong suits, and how you want to contribute to the business…Life gets a LOT easier to define your roles, or split up projects. In our case, Brian is REALLY great with technology, imagery, and web design. I love writing copy for posts, editing videos, and all things creative. Now… We are certainly not limited to just doing those things. Brian is also super creative, and I am learning some pretty ninja tech stuff. The cool thing is… After a couple of years of working together, we have been able to share our skills, and teach each other more then we ever could have learned flying solo. Talk about couples having a HUGE advantage in online business!

BE open, and transparent.

There is nothing worse than feeling like someone is holding something back from you. It can mess up an entire day, and leave your partner questioning what they did wrong.

Trust me… I tend to hold things in and chew on them a bit before I express myself. While in most instances this is a good thing because it gives me time to cool off. Other times… I have shut down for a whole day, and not shared my emotions with Brian… He has been left feeling like I am upset with him, which makes him cranky. Not a sexy combo. Thus the reason to share your emotions when they come up.

BUT first… Something to think about when you feel reactive, upset, insecure, or any other negative emotion that needs to be expressed… This is how you take a bird’s eye view of the situation.

Ask yourself:
What’s causing me to feel uncomfortable?
Are my emotions or old patterns being triggered by my partner’s behavior?
How would this situation feel from my partner’s perspective?

Once you have a better understanding of why you feel this way, your approach will be much softer and way more effective. AND if you want a pro tip… Don’t hang on to that crap for an entire day as I have. After you know what’s up, approach your partner in a loving way, and take ownership of how you feel. You will get a much better result than pointing the finger, blaming your partner for how you feel, and your communication skills will go through the roof!

Practice actively listening while you & your partner share emotions.

While we aren’t perfect at this, we have noticed the more we practice actively listening to each other, the better our relationship gets in business & love. Because let’s face it… Talking over each other isn’t hot… It’s annoying.

When we are heard we feel important. This means… Stop typing while the other person is talking. Put your phone down. Wait for them to finish what they are saying before you interject. Look them in the eyes. Observe what they are showing you which also lets you know how they feel.

This is hot and will help you reach your goals faster because you are both focused and invested in each other’s projects (AND may even get you some lovin’). This is exciting because when your input is super valuable to each other, you will naturally become more creative, or enhance what you are working on… Making your products & services even more valuable! Yet another sweet advantage couples having to build a simple online business together with ease.

Laugh it off.

When you share your emotions, things may get heavy… Nothing changes the mood in a room faster than poking fun at yourself, or the situation. Brian has a knack for getting me to giggle when I get so serious, and I am getting good at making him laugh when he is stressed out too. Just remember… You are in this together. If you put laughter up on the top of your list you will never get stuck in thick emotions that keep you broke & miserable.

Your communication is the basis of your awesome relationship & business. The better you get at communicating, and sharing your emotions, the more you will understand each other, and the faster you will reach your goals together because you will be able to communicate the direction you want your life & business to flow.

Each day as you work together on your business you will be more excited because you are both running in the same direction. Communication is the ultimate tool that will give you that superpower. This is exactly how you create a life you are excited about together.

If you are needing help or guidance to start your online business or take it to the next level together… We have an awesome community of entrepreneurs from all over the world who are creating amazing businesses. We would love to give you the support you need when things get tough and get more eyes on your business when you need it. You certainly have an advantage with two, but an outside perspective is priceless.

BEAP Exclusive Tribe

Erin Nicole Bick

Until Next Time!
Adventure On… Adventure On!

 – Erin Nicole Bick

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