How To Achieve a Goal Successfully Together

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The reason most couples fail to achieve even the simplest goals together is because they may be needing a key for how to achieve a goal successfully. Imagine how it would feel if you could set goals (no matter how big or small) and achieve them predictably Let’s implement 5 ways to achieve your goals together, so you can experience a life filled with happiness & fulfillment!

5 Ways To Achieve Your Goals Together

After too many failed relationships, Erin and I have identified 5 ways that couples can set goals together. We’ve found why goals are important to make together and what contributes to why people give up. Here’s what works for us (and may work for you too!)

Let’s explore how to achieve goals successfully… Together!

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1) Create Goals Separately & Together

Knowing what you want, individually, is the beginning of creating achievable goals together. By creating goals separately, you can then come together and learn what is important to each of you. This individuality is important because this is what makes us unique humans & contributes to the attraction we have for each other.

This is an inspiration for couples all over the world! Knowing that you could increase a fulfilling relationship by focusing on what YOU want opens the door to satisfaction in your life as you’ve never experienced it before.

What do you want as an individual?

  • In life?
  • In experiences?
  • In your location?
  • In your work?

By coming together with the answers to your basic desires, you’re able to see what your partner wants in all aspects of their life. Being armed with this knowledge gives you the power to know what brings joy and satisfaction in each other’s lives, and how you fit in as part of what the other needs. Talk about contributing to building your loving, healthy relationship!

Take Action!

Today, read this entire blog post (so you have a starting point for your goals & your goals together). Then come together with your partner and discuss what you both want to accomplish as individuals & together.


2) Set Measurable Goals

What you measure, you will allow you to see your progress towards achievement.

I can remember when I was first starting to build a business online. I was still a full-time firefighter seeing things I never wish anyone to experience. Those experiences were fuel to the engine in my life to create a simple business online that could run even while I am on the beach or sleeping at night.

The goal was to create a business online so that I could quit working as a firefighter (because I didn’t like being exposed to all the disease, trauma, sleep deprivation, and stress that job gave me.)

By setting the goal to Create A Business Online I was able to deconstruct that final goal with what needed to be built to make that happen.

“A goal with no way to measure the progress to accomplish, will be difficult to achieve.”
– Brian Garcia

It was being specific with the desire in my life that I was able to see what I must invest in to achieve that goal (my time, online tools & resources, eCourse training, etc…)

Take Action!

Let’s start simple… Today, create ONE goal you want to achieve. Deconstruct that goal to see its parts. Start taking action on doing what needs to be done to make that happen. Write your goal in the comments on this post & let us know what you’re going to do to achieve it!

Goal Setting Guide For Couples

3) Create An Action Plan & Use It

Now that you have your goals written out (separately & together), it’s time to create an action plan so you know what you should do to bring those goals to life!

Here’s the Moleskine Journal (without lines) that we use to create an action plan. Writing out what you want (your end goal) and seeing how to achieve a goal successfully through your writing is exactly how we were able to quit our jobs & start living a life that inspires us to contribute to causes bigger than ourselves.

A plan without action is useless. In the journal, break down the components of the big goal.

Here’s an example of what I wrote out when I had the idea that I wanted to create a business online:

Goal: Create a Business Online
Reason: I no longer want the physical & mental stress of being a firefighter
What’s it going to take:

  • Come up with an IDEA around my interests, my experience, what others would love about that
  • Who would benefit from the idea (audience)?
  • What products and/or services would that audience need?
  • What systems do I need to set up to create that business?

It’s the little things along the way that demystifies how to achieve a goal successfully together & how you could flow from a goal into actionable steps to bring it to reality.

Take Action!

It’s the actions you take, daily, that get you to where you should be. Today, write out one big goal, why you want to achieve it, and what it will take to bring it to reality.

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4) Track Your Progress

When you are learning how to achieve a goal successfully together one key component & reason why couples fail to do so is that they have not created a way to track progress.

This can be as simple as using the same Moleskine Journal you used to write out your goal.

“You cannot achieve predictable results with that which you do not track”
– Brian Garcia

3 Ways To Track Your Goal’s Progress

The best way to track your progress is to pick the way you are going to use it. There’s no “Magic To Tracking Your Goals…” But, rather, the magic lies where you devote your actions.

Using sticky-notes posted everywhere around the house is NOT the way to do it because you lose the power of keeping them in one place (I know, because my house & table used to look like a sticky note monster took a dump!)

How To Achieve a Goal Successfully Together - Sticky Notes

Take Action!

Pick ONE way to track your goals & progress AND stick with it! (see what I did there?)

5) Get Your Goals On

Step 5 in How To Achieve a Goal Successfully Together is quite simple, yet this is where you must create consistency & take action! BE Committed to yourself! Invest in yourself, your relationship, your business online (or future business online).

Get Your Goals On DAILY! The way to feel the most momentum in your life & relationship is to be dedicated to what you want to create in your life.

  • What are the things you most value?
  • Who are the people you most value?
  • What are the causes you most value?
  • What message do you want to spread around the globe?
  • What impact could you make?

We must take care of ourselves before we can be of value to others.

I know the majority of this blog post focused on How To Achieve a Goal Successfully Together (which can feel self-centered), but when you take care of yourself FIRST, you’ll have a bigger impact on what you create in your life & in other’s lives.

We go to events all over the world focused on personal development, personal growth, and online business. This is very intentional because we’ve learned that when you are in a good headspace, you’re able to radiate that energy to those all around you.

The connections we make, the relationships we nurture, and the skills we learn through our own growth is transmitted to YOU through our Blog, YouTube Channel, our Facebook Page as well as our eCourses and Exclusive Tribe For Entrepreneurs community.

We invite you to take action within yourself. Grow with us as a community. BE part of a movement to escape mediocrity and the box society has unjustly tried to keep you in.

Because you’re reading this, you’ve made a decision to build something that could BE a huge impact in some way, no matter how big or small.

BEAP Exclusive Tribe

Take Action

Today, take action in creating goals couples should have both individually & together. If you haven’t taken action as you read along, go through this blog post again and DO all the “Take Action” steps. You may want to dive deeper into goal setting with instructions on how to set goals in all aspects of your life. In Get Your Goals On we cover that, and how to measure & achieve any goal you set.

Get Your Goals On is one of our many PowerCourses designed to help couples and people all over the globe intentionally create a life they truly love. And all the PowerCourses are included with your membership to the Exclusive Tribe For Entrepreneurs.

Start today. In a year, you just may be surprised by how far you’ve come… Together!

Brian GarciaUntil Next Time!
Adventure On… Adventure On!

– Brian Garcia

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